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One Science Zma 60 Cap

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 1,499.00
One Science Nutrition ZMA is a supplement that comprises Zinc, Vitamin B6, Aspartate and Magnesium. The zinc content helps in boosting your immunity and muscles, whereas magnesium is good for your metabolism. OSN ZMA maintains the health of your muscles and allows you a healthy sleep cycle.

Athletes use OSN ZMA frequently to boost their performance. It has also shown miscellaneous benefits in other departments such as mood, hormones, and blood sugar control. It has no reported side effects and works wonders for immunity boost, energy boost, testosterone release in the body, etc.

It allows muscles to heal, recover and develop and hence is an athletes choice. There are many benefits that ZMA provides, such as boosting your immunity and aiding blood sugar control. It also improves the quality of sleep and also elevates the mood.

*Zinc contributes to boosting the testosterone levels in the blood and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
*Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance, to the normal functioning of the nervous system: neurotransmission and muscle contraction including heart muscle and to the maintenance of normal teeth.
*Vitamin B6 contributes to normal red blood cell formation and to the regulation of hormonal activity.

How should you take it?
One Science Nutrition ZMA is available in the form of a capsule. Two capsules a day are recommended for females, and 3 for men. It is advisable to take it on an empty stomach, and about 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Food items that contain calcium should completely be avoided before the intake of ZMA as it blocks the absorption of zinc by the body.