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Ronnie Coleman King Mass XL Dark Choc 6lb

Rs. 6,499.00 Rs. 4,449.00
  • Ronnie Coleman King Mass 6 lb Dark Chocolate aids to provide optimum protein source requisite for muscle growth
  • It aids to increase your muscle mass and tone and decreases the risk of injury caused during your post-workout sessions
  • This dietary supplement aids to deliver the right and healthy calories necessary to build your muscle physique
  • It delivers a massive 60g of protein per serving to aid keep your muscles fed and in an anabolic state
  • Ronnie Coleman King Mass Dark Chocolate aids to flood your muscles with the protein, carbohydrates, glutamine and creatine that may aid in recovery post your intense workout session

Key Benefits of Ronnie Coleman King Mass

    • Ronnie Coleman mass gainer helps deliver the best protein source for muscular development. It helps build muscle growth and tone while also lowering the chance of damage during post-workout sessions.
    • This dietary supplement helps you get the correct amount of nutritious calories to help you gain muscle. It contains 60 grams of protein per serving to keep your muscles fueled and anabolic. RC King Mass floods your muscles with protein, carbs, glutamine, and creatine, which may help recovery after a hard exercise.
    • RC king mass gainer is packed with 60 grams of protein which helps to keep your muscles nourished per serving.
    • Each serving contains 1000 growth-promoting calories, including 60 grams of high-quality protein, 180grams of carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  • RC King bulk gainer 6 IBS provides all of the necessary quality calories.