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RiteBite Max Protein Daily Fruit & Nut Bar 10g protein (6 Bars x 50g Each) Box

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 405.00
A BAR FOR EVERYONE: With 10gm protein and fiber, Max Protein Bars are the perfect bar for your daily lifestyle with no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. SUSTAINED ENERGY: Max Protein bars are your go to performance energy bar, purposefully crafted with an ideal mix of 3 protein blends of whey protein, soy and casein to sustain 2hrs of energy for a moderate-intensity activity. WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS FOR A WHOLESOME EXPERIENCE: A bar that satiates your hunger and keeps you going with 2 hrs of sustained energy. We aim to keep you healthier and provide a healthier option to your food choices with an irresistible combo of nutrition and flavor DELICIOUS NUTRITION: Satisfy your taste buds with a perfect blend of protein, fiber, omega-3, vitamins and minerals with delicious flavor. YOUR ENERGY BUDDY: No time for breakfast before the video call? Need something energy boost for the grocery run? Got that midnight movie craving? Choose the healthier Max Protein bars as your energy and nutrition buddy. Don't skip on your health and weight goals. Have this bar handy for all the time whenever bored or binge eating hits you. MADE IN INDIA: Max Protein is the first brand to launch nutrition & protein bars in India. We have created and nurtured protein bars category in Indian Market.