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Rule1 ROAR Pre Workout Blue Razz 30serving

Rs. 6,899.00 Rs. 2,760.00
Unleash Your Inner Monster with R1 Roar Pre Workout

Exceed your training goals easily with R1 Roar Pre Workout , with a special formula for people who want to conquer new weights and conquer their limits in training.
Energize and inspire you to overcome any pre-workout worries and concerns with five delicious flavors and a range of carefully selected ingredients.

Start an exciting workout session with the unique ingredients in Roar Pre Workout
Are you looking for a Pre Workout that brings an explosion to your mind that has been sleeping for too long?
With select ingredients such as 1g of creatine, 1.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g of taurine, and Exercise Boosting Vital Vitamins, this product has been research designed to deliver focus, endurance and energy. for each workout session.

R1 Roar Pre Workout not only ensures maximum support for the body during exercise but also provides excitement and refreshment with energy from 175mg of caffeine extracted from tea and coffee, along with 120mg of tyrosine. . This is the perfect combination so you can practice optimally.
With muscle-boosting support from 2g of citrulline and 500mg of arginine, you'll feel bigger and stronger with every workout. The product also ensures the necessary supply of water and electrolytes to help maintain freshness and concentration throughout the workout session.