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Sebamed Repair Conditioner 200ml

Rs. 675.00 Rs. 641.00
Hair shampoo is super drying, and lathering up without conditioner could leave hair weak and brittle, therefore more susceptible to damage . Styling, harmful environmental factors and usage of alkaline hair care products (pH >7) can  disrupt the pH of the hair and can cause the hair cuticles to open and results in to hair damage .

Why is hair conditioning required? Sebamed Repair Conditioner improves and strengthens the hair's structure. It moisturises the hair and makes it soft & shiny.

Why Sebamed Sebamed Repair Conditioner? Because 

- Its pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the scalp and helps to keep the hair strong, healthy and smooth. It strengthens the weakened hair cuticle due to harsh chemicals  and ensures the hair shaft remains intact for a longer period.

- Clinically tested with confirmed effectiveness ~ 88% excellent care effect *Prof. W. I. Worret, Dept. Dermatology Technical Univ. Munich, Germany 2013

- Care formula with Panthenol and Herbal Oil reduces hair damage

- Moisturizing complex with Silk Protein improves dull, damaged hair.

- Enriched formula with hydrolyzed wheat protein helps to make the hair smooth and shiny.

- Lasting improvements for dull, lifeless, damaged hair.

- Dermatologically / clinically tested.